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Damn car and FYE interview May. 11th, 2006 @ 12:37 am
So I went out to go to work this afternoon and my damn car would not start....not more fucking trouble I swear! I told myself that the next time something went wrong with this peice of shit that I was going to highly consider getting a new vehicle. Cause I basically need to know that I have something that's reliable and not going to break down on me every time I turn around. Honestly, if I had 5 dollars for all the times that I've had to get it towed in the last 8 to 10 months, yeah you get the idea.

So I think I'm going to see what the hell is wrong with my Corolla, fix it, than get it cleaned up and looking nice on the inside and out, and then start looking for a new one...and hopefully get a decent trade in.

In other news...I have my third interview with FYE tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that I go the job locked in but it's been taking forever and ever it seems.

Random Updates with a little bit of this and that May. 9th, 2006 @ 11:52 pm
Okay so I never use this anymore! But I'm going to start trying to get back into it!

First of all, Jill and I have been engaged for a week as of tomorrow and we have already dived head first in planning the wedding. If all goes well and to plan we will have the church and reception hall booked by next Tuesday! It's exciting planning a wedding but there is a ton involved...everyone keeps telling us to have fun with it...that that's the most important part of being engaged....so far I think we have been okay and haven't gotten stressed about anything.

I'm still going through interviews for a new job. My current working situation is getting, how should I say it?, fucking dull as hell! The entire company is starting to piss me off and there are certain people that have decided to start talking behind my back instead of coming to me and talking to me about the problem that they have. That's what I've never understood about people....why do that?! I'm one of the most easy going, friendly person that you'll ever meet but once I hear that your talking about me behind my back and don't have the balls to say it to my face....fuck you!

Anyway, the company that I'm interviewing with is FYE and I hope I get it because it would be a kick ass job! Not only will I stay in management, but I would also be working in a music environment! Hell yeah, sign me up!

On more better news, I'll be on vacation for a week starting this Sunday! I can't wait! Don't have really any big plans other than going to St. Louis to see H.I.M. again...good times!

That's about all that I need to get down for right now....there has been a lot on my mind...until then!
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I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND Sep. 20th, 2005 @ 05:07 pm
Okay so I guess that I have been more into Myspace this year...I haven't even posted anything on here since March, damn...Anyway, tomorrow is my 26th birthday and I'm going to be celebrating it in an awesome way...getting out of town with my awesome girlfriend for some shows. Were taking off to St. Louis for two days...tomorrow is Cold/Smile Empty Soul at Pop's and then Thursday is My Chemical Romance at The Pageant. What's going to make this super special is that this is my birthday gift from her...probably one of the coolest gifts that anyone has ever gave me...okay, later and cheers!

Something I've decided Mar. 20th, 2005 @ 05:00 pm
So I've had this entire weekend off...(thank God!) and it's really given me the chance to reflect back on the last three months of 2005. So far this year has rocked! Everything seems to be going so great that I cannot imagine it getting any better.

One of my big resolutions this year was to hit more shows and so far this year I've been doing just that. Only been out of town for one, but I've been breaking the habit of going to the same bar every weekend to hang out with the same drunk people. I've traded all that in for going out to different places to see some of the bands we have here. Granted, a few have been cover bands, but who cares. Change is good.

My friend Nick and I went out last Friday and saw a band that blew my mind. They're called The October, (for those of you that are on my MYSPACE list you will have a link coming). These guys are by far the best new band I have discovered since I discovered Nothing Still way back in Aug. of last year.

The other band I've been really hooked on the past few months is a local cover band here called Monkeygland. They play everything from Green Day to Poison to Marilyn Manson to Godsmack...very cool live let's just say. Well I saw them again Friday night and talked to their guitar player about if they had a web site. He said they didn't so I mentioned that I did them on the side and would like to make one for them. So he got my cell number and said he would be in touch. It would be pretty nice to get back into doing that for a band again.

Hello St. Louis!!! Feb. 24th, 2005 @ 10:42 pm
Well my friend Nick and I are on our way to St. Louis tomorrow to go see SWiLL....fuck am I ever excited!!!!

I'll post details when I return

P.S.---Lee--it's time to fucking DRINK!!!! 8-)
Other entries
» holy shit batman!
First of all...holy fuck! It's been a while since I've posted anything in here...but I felt I needed to because I had a strong feeling come over me last night. Let me set the story up. Last night me and my friend Jess went out to see this very kick ass cover band. I got a few more people that I knew to go out as well and she got a girl that she works with named Lisa to go out with us as well. I had met Lisa one time before and really didn't think anything of her...until I saw her last night. I got out of my car and walked into the bar with them and could not keep my eyes off of Lisa all night! It was like this amazing feeling that I had not felt in a long time came over me. I started talking to her and it turns out that we basically like the same type of music...that's really the only subject we hit on. Her and Jess left early and later on called Jess and told that I thought that Lisa was cute.

Jump to today. I talk to Jess and it turns out that Lisa dug me last night as well. It's so great to have a best friend such as Jess...she wants to see me with someone great and she truly thinks that Lisa is that someone. Turns out that we have a lot more in common...she dig asian/japanese art. I'm the exact same way...half of my living room is decorated in Japanese theme. Jess also tells me that she's an awesome artist...a girl that's creative...yet another bonus.

Anyway, I just felt like I should get this out and down in words. I'm not going to jump to any conclusions because I don't want to be disappointed if nothing comes out of this. I'm going to have dinner with her, Jess, and this guy Jess is dating on Monday...wish me luck
Well, I've pretty much neglected writing in the journal for a while now...been very busy.

Today has been a good day....ate with the folks and now I'm stuffed out of my mind! The rest of the night is going to consist of me heading over to my best friend Jess' house for a wide variety of pies and get down on some Super Mario Bros 3.

I hope everyone is having a good Thanksgiving. And oh yeah...so this year I am totally thankful for the super amazing group of friends I have! Up until this year, most all of my good friends lived out of town. This year I am super privileged to have a group of about 10 friends that I would do anything for. We all hang out every weekend and just have a fucking blast! Cheers to friendship! And to all my out-of-town friends that I haven't talked to in a while (aka: Lee and Julee)....let's find a time when we all can hang again...I miss you both a lot!
Yeah I know I haven't posted an entry in forever...but I'm still here that's all that matters right? Anyway, not a lot happening...I took my weeks vacation last week...got to be on vacation over my bday....how cool...so yeah I've reached the milestone...25 years of age. Out of seven days last week I drank on 5 of them. My friends got me totally fucked up and I'm still trying to recover...kinda...not really lol.

Shows have been slim to none. I was going to go see Ministry next week but I have to work that night (Sorry Lee...next time!). However I just saw that Manson is playing in St. Louis next month so I may get tickets for that. I've wanted to see him live since 1998.

Other than that, everything is the same...work, work, and work. I do however have a blind date tonight which I'm kinda nervous about seeing as how I haven't been on a blind date since I was 17. Oh well, should be cool...I hope. Cross your fingers for me and wish me luck.

» This crazy world in which we live
Hey friends...sorry for not posting for a while. Things have been nuts around here as of late.

Let's see...what's been going on. Work mixed in with some partying....haha pretty much the same as always! Went out last night and had the most fun I've had in weeks! It's now become a weekend tradition that me and my friends Jess, Tory, and Chris all get up and karaoke "Rebel Yell".....hell yeah!

On the bad side of things, my car is broke down and has been for like a week and a half. I had to bring it to Toyota because the guys at the shop I took it to could not fix it....so it's costing me an arm and a leg. I'm just fucking inching to get the car back...hope to have it back by Tue. or Wed.
» sucks
Well it looks like I now will not be able to see ANY shows on Butch's current tour. I was planning on going to Nashville on Monday to see him, but I have to work late and I'm too broke to go. This sucks big ones.
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